Hi! We are Isaac & Leigh.  We met in a train station in Scotland and here is our story

We met right after Christmas in 2014 while Isaac was on a three week backpacking trip to the U.K. When Isaac asked Leigh for directions in Edinburgh Waverly train station, little did they know they would end up spending their lives together in marriage! But one thing led to another and after a few months of talking they started dating, traveled back and forth to Va and Scotland, and taking a holiday in Bulgaria together drew them closer and closer. December 21st 2016 they got engaged and started visa paperwork for Leigh to move to the States.  They married in April 2018.

During this life journey Isaac fell in love with photography (especially landscapes in Scotland) and really learned a lot by doing family sessions and weddings.  While learning and growing he introduced Leigh into the world of DSLR photography and helped her learn and develop her personal style.

Together they make an awesome team, and really love working with couples and families to bring them photos that they will keep forever.  Isaac brings his love for landscapes into portraits by showing off the beauty and drastic features of any backgrounds while keeping focus on the subject. It gives a nice contrast of nature and people combined to show off the beauty of any subjects. Leigh brings her creative side into sessions and is amazing at helping pose people and making them comfortable in front of the lens.  She has a great eye for the small details that most people would not notice, and really loves capturing the joy our sessions bring.

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