Carvins Cove Snowfall

December 9th actually started unlike most Saturdays for me. Usually I'm very busy and have plans, but didn't this Saturday.  Partially because the weather man kept saying we were supposed to get snow so I didn't plan much. It's Saturday 12pm and no snow like they said we would get at that time so I'm thinking great... I didn't make plans so I'll have nothing to do most of the day.  Fast forward to Saturday morning when I got up and there is a nice blanket of snow on the ground.  Perfect, now I really want to do a shoot but nobody could make the day work so maybe I'll take some landscape shots.

Well thankfully pretty early on in the morning,  my phone goes off and a lady named Cara was asking if I had openings for photos! She had seen some other snow photos I had done of another family and really loved them. So of course I couldn't pass up that opportunity and quickly responded yes I'd love to do photos! And she even asked about doing them at one of my favorite places, Carvins Cove.  (below are some landscapes I captured before they arrived on location.)


Cara and her family arrived, I grabbed my camera and we had at it!

This shoot was such a joy to do! Thankfully everyone cooperated extremely well, and was happy running around and playing in the snow.  Usually when I shoot families with little kids, I prefer to capture them in their natural element of running around and just being kids.  I've found that this gets the best results and makes the photos look natural.  Don't get me wrong, I love posed photos and there's a time and place for them.  But with little kids it's not always the best for families to have more than a few posed photos. Mainly due to the little people being easily distracted and not wanting to stand in one spot too long.  

I'm super thankful for Cara and her beautiful family braving the cold and being amazing for these gorgeous snow photos!