Jared & Holly

I first met Jared and Holly through a mutual friend of ours. Holly messaged my photography page on Facebook to ask about my pricing for weddings and whether I would be able to travel to North Carolina to shoot their wedding day. Of course I was more than happy to accommodate for them and capture their special day! The more experience I get the better! Traveling to North Carolina was a great opportunity to market that I am not solely based in Virginia. I offer my services in many other surrounding states as well as Scotland in the United Kingdom. I met with Jared and Holly at our local Starbucks not too long after messaging over Facebook. It was nice to sit down with them both and learn more about them as a couple, their wedding and what they expect out of their big day. 

I like to set up a meeting with my clients to sit down and get to know them. That way I'm not simply showing up on their wedding day where we both don't know what to expect! I aim to make this as enjoyable and as comfortable for my clients so that we both have the best experience on the day. You would be amazed how much better you can capture the special moments if you take the time to learn about their individual personalities. This is what really shows in the photos and captures those unforgettable moments!

On the first meeting with Jared and Holly, I offered to do an engagement session for them in the spring time. I knew it would be beautiful weather and everything would be green and in bloom. We set up a location and time that worked for them and snapped away! This created a beautiful contrast between their engagement and wedding photos by shooting in two different seasons!

Fast forward to fall. It's October 14th 2017 and this puts us in beautiful Emerald Isle North Carolina, ready to capture Jared and Holly's special day. I was thankful to have Jacob and Kayla, both great friends and owners of J&K Photography helping out as second shooters for the day. As always they did an amazing job and really worked well alongside me using their own unique ideas. 

The day started out early afternoon with some pre ceremony shots of the bride and her wedding party getting ready, the groom and groomsmen, guests, and family as they get ready to watch two people tie the knot. I captured photos of the stunning house and setting for the new Mr & Mrs to remember every detail of their wedding day. I also brought my drone along to get an aerial perspective of this absolutely beautiful property. 


One thing I loved about walking around and getting candid shots of the party and venue was how friendly everyone was! Everybody was super kind and making sure all our needs were met the entire time.  That definitely makes the day easier and more enjoyable as a photographer. As fun as weddings are for us, it can be physically demanding and at times stressful. But Jared and Holly definitely it effortless and enjoyable the entire day! 

After a couple of hours of shooting before the wedding ceremony, capturing those small details, it was finally time for the big moment! The bridesmaids and groomsmen walked out and waited in position for the bride to make her entrance. It makes me extremely happy to be able to create a memory out of such a special moment in the couples lives as the groom watches his bride walk down the aisle to stand beside him and say I do!


After a beautiful ceremony, it was time for some portraits of the new Mr & Mrs, where they can take a moment to relax and enjoy these first few moments of marriage. The photography session followed on with group photos featuring the bridesmaids, groomsmen and family members. After I had taken these photos, it was straight to the reception for some amazing food, dancing, and cake!

I loved capturing this stunning couple with the waterfront background. Out of all the venues I've shot this is one of my favorites so far! I was hoping for the sun to peak out at the end of the day for sunset shots, but sadly it didn't. However, we didn't let that stop us from getting some amazing photos towards the end of the day!  

The best word to describe Jared and Holly's wedding would be... perfect! It was beautiful from beginning to end, with so much joy and excitement in the air the entire day! They both looked amazing and were most definitely so happy to be with each other. It was both an honor and joy to be present and capture memories at their wedding! I wish them both the very best on their journey as a married couple and can't thank them enough for the opportunity to be the photographer throughout their special day!